Exploring Muirs Wilderness

8 Days / 7 Nights | Juneau to Juneau

Highlights: Juneau | Glacier Bay | Frederick Sound | Dawes Glacier | Icy Strait |

Hopelessly beyond description, said John Muir of his beloved Alaska. Behold—inspiration on a grand scale, the crack of white thunder, whales and wildlife, and Glacier Bay National Park.

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Day 1 Juneau, Alaska Embarkation Accompanied by your new travel companions, the captain and crew welcome you aboard then set sail bound for Icy Strait!

Day 2 Icy Strait It’ll be an action-packed first day! In some of the most remote waters of Southeast Alaska, join the captain on the bridge or go on deck with your expedition team watching for sea lions and humpback whales. These nutrient-rich waters are also home to porpoise, seals, and other wildlife. Later today, set your eyes on shore for possible bear sightings—lumbering about for an afternoon nosh—as you explore the remote coastline by skiff and kayak. Take in the evening solitude with a relaxing soak in the upper deck hot tub or a tranquil view from the bow.

Day 3 Glacier Bay National Park It’s a day John Muir would’ve delighted in, but the majesty of Glacier Bay National Park is all yours to relish in today. Covered entirely by ice, as recently as 1795, discover the glaciological history of the park on a guided hike at Bartlett Cove. A National Park Ranger steps on board helping to spot colonies of guillemots, puffins, and cormorants on South Marble Island and sharing Glacier Bay’s history and greatness as you cruise deeper into the park. Explore Muir’s legacy of glaciology in the perfect “classroom”—at the tidal edges of the Grand Pacific and Margerie Glaciers. Dress warmly, and ward off the chill as you enjoy an up-close view of their towering blue ice faces.

Day 4 Baranof Island / Chatham Strait Stretching for 150 miles within the Tongass National Forest and chockfull of mysterious hidden coves, the narrow and deep passageway of Chatham Strait is riddled with secret coves, fjords, and anchorages. Life teems below the surface and above—as you set out uncovering the gems of this untouched wilderness, take a tally of all that you spy by kayak, paddle board, or skiff. Join your expedition leader for a hike into the green forests that blanket the islands. Enjoy a nightcap in the lounge with your fellow shipmates and trade stories of the many discoveries you made

Day 5 Frederick Sound It’s a Captain’s Choice day led by your expert guides. Test your paddling skills, or opt for some R & R and hot cocoa on a skiff tour of the islets and fjords surrounding Frederick Sound. Known for its summer whale populations, you’ll dedicate a part of your day to searching for and observing humpback whales feeding in the sound. Uncover myriad sea life on an intertidal shore walk, or hike inland learning about the rainforest that blankets Southeast Alaska.

Day 6 Port Houghton / Stephen’s Passage Port Houghton and Stephen’s Passage are synonymous with the wildest Alaskan wilderness. As Muir did on his explorations in the late 1800s, feel the immensity of this area’s remoteness. Calm-as-glass water. Misty mountains. And while you won’t likely come across other humans, you’re sure to cross paths with blue heron, bald eagles, harbor seals, oystercatchers, or black bear. Hike along a lushly vegetated river, or if it’s low-tide investigate tide pools. Navigating by your internal compass or with a guide, kayak and paddle board along the towering fjord or explore the wilds of a salt chuck. It doesn’t get more remote than this!

Day 7 Endicott Arm / Fords Terror Snow covered mountains, glowing blues, and the white thunder of calving ice take your breath away at the face of Dawes Glacier. Navigate ice bergs by skiff for a once-in-a-lifetime glacier view. As you glide through Endicott Arm you’ll likely find a few seals taking respite on the glaciers smaller “bergy bits.” Tides permitting, explore the narrow passage of Fords Terror. Join the captain for a farewell toast during dinner, and afterwards, your expedition team provides an entertaining recap of your week’s adventure.

Day 8 Juneau Disembarkation After a delicious breakfast, wish your travel companions fair winds. Transfer directly to the Juneau airport or begin your add-on overnight stay or extended land tour.

Due to the nature of our explorations, itineraries are guidelines and will change in order to maximize wildlife and natural encounters. Variations in itinerary and the order of days may occur.

Onboard Inclusions:

  • All onboard meals
  • Non alcoholic beverages
  • Exclusive transfers and baggage handling between airport/vessel on embark/dis embark days
  • Entry fees to national parks/preserves
  • From the vessel adventure activities and equipment
  • Wellness program
  • Hot tub, sauna
  • Fitness equipment
  • Yoga mats
  • Port fees and taxes

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